I've done everything I know of to eliminate the odor in our Bosch dishwasher - to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to eliminate odors in this thing?

I have made sure the drain is looped higher than bottom of the sink. A trap is in the drain. It's not a sewer odor emitting from the unit but a sour odor similar to standing water. It's as if the drain doesn't completely empty and the standing water is developing the odor.

I have added vinegar to the unit - pretty much everything except dynamite.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I have a three year old Bosch and I hate it!The stench is horrible!

I use double the amount of detergent every single time and it helps a lot, but far from fixes it. If I use the recommended amount of detergent it is really bad.

I have run bleach and vinegar through it to no avail.I’m currently dishwasher shopping, I give up.


Hi the new bosch dishwashers are fitted with a plastic base inside instead of stainless steel. This will smell revolting and tint your washed dishes for about 6 months based on one use a day. It will then dissappear.


Unfortunately I have same problem and the only solution is to remove and replace with a new dishwasher that does not have a Bosch name tag. I build homes and will never recommend a Bosch apliance ever again. No help from Bosch biggest POS company.


Just got my Bosh and I have the same problem.It smells awful.

I’ll be going to Lowe’s ( I had them install it) and having them fix this or take it away!I can’t stand it anymore!


I have the same issue with mine since day one, really not a good thing.


I had one installed in June, and called for a repair in September because the smell was so bad.Vinegar did nothing.

After several reschedules, they came while I was at work and told my daughter to just run bleach with it - every time! I'm sorry, but I paid a lot for this dishwasher and for installation, and I'd love to take it back!

Even after running bleach through the cycle, the smell still comes back.This is disgusting!


My Aunt's Bosch just smells.All the time.

I just read several of these reviews.

Bosch should issue a recall.She could have bought a much cheaper Kenmore or Whirlpool, but was told Bosch was the best.


I purchased a Bosch dishwasher model SHXM98W75N a few months ago and spent over $1,000 for it and purchased an additional 5 year warranty.Ever since day 1 it has an intense stinch odor coming from within the dishwasher.

When I open the door it makes the kitchen stink, and is embarrassing. I'm going to contact the store and try to return it. Obviously there is an issue with it. I dont feel like I'm eating on clean dishes anymore.

I use Cascade dishwasher pods as well as rinse aid and the filter is clean. So frustrating. I'd like to ad that the stainless steel front cover is cheap, dull looking.

The previous dishwasher I had for 20 yrs was a good old Whirlpool, never had issues with it other than the old outdated look...I miss it.Bosch should recall these stinky appliances.

to Anonymous #1389034

me too.I returned it.

what did u buy?5 months I have no dw.


I have a stinky Bosch as well - its 5 years old and has been smell from pretty much Day 1.I found that it was installed wrong so I paid an addition $125 to have someone else come in a properly install it (raising the hose) and the smell went away for about a month and then came back.

It makes me crazy. Has anyone ever contacted Bosch directly?

I have asked sever friends who have Bosch's and they don't have this problem.It's so frustrating!!!

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