I've done everything I know of to eliminate the odor in our Bosch dishwasher - to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to eliminate odors in this thing?

I have made sure the drain is looped higher than bottom of the sink. A trap is in the drain. It's not a sewer odor emitting from the unit but a sour odor similar to standing water. It's as if the drain doesn't completely empty and the standing water is developing the odor.

I have added vinegar to the unit - pretty much everything except dynamite.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I purchased a Bosch dishwasher model SHXM98W75N a few months ago and spent over $1,000 for it and purchased an additional 5 year warranty.Ever since day 1 it has an intense stinch odor coming from within the dishwasher.

When I open the door it makes the kitchen stink, and is embarrassing. I'm going to contact the store and try to return it. Obviously there is an issue with it. I dont feel like I'm eating on clean dishes anymore.

I use Cascade dishwasher pods as well as rinse aid and the filter is clean. So frustrating. I'd like to ad that the stainless steel front cover is cheap, dull looking.

The previous dishwasher I had for 20 yrs was a good old Whirlpool, never had issues with it other than the old outdated look...I miss it.Bosch should recall these stinky appliances.


I have a stinky Bosch as well - its 5 years old and has been smell from pretty much Day 1.I found that it was installed wrong so I paid an addition $125 to have someone else come in a properly install it (raising the hose) and the smell went away for about a month and then came back.

It makes me crazy. Has anyone ever contacted Bosch directly?

I have asked sever friends who have Bosch's and they don't have this problem.It's so frustrating!!!


Have the same problem, we have only had the Bosch for 3 months.I use Finish tablets so that is not a solution.

We always rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I have started to open the door after the cycle is completely finished.

It releases some of the moisture in the compartment, does not take care of the problem but does help reduce some of the smell.So disappointed in this product, I should have put another $250 in to repair my Kenmore Elite.


we bought ours about 9 months ago.I couldnt stand the smell.

I couldnt even drink water from a glass because the smell was so strong. surfing the complaints i saw where a couple people defeated the smell by switching to the recommended "finish" soap.

this made all the difference in the world to ours.i know it sounds crazy but it worked instantly


I too agree with all the comments my Bosch do stinks , I too have tried everything I even add baking soda after every use hoping the smell will be gone. Hose is high as it will go under sink. Don't know what else to do but throw it out what a waste of 700 bucks.


So sorry I bought a Bosch.It stinks awful .

I rinsh my dishes so there's no food.It's new smells like wet mold and stinky gym shoes

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1319586

Don't ever buy Bosch dishwasher; no matter what you do the stink will never go away. It stinks to the point where I am embarrassed to open the dishwasher when I have people over and prefer to wash my dishes manually.


I just got a brand new BOSCH dishwasher and stinks like chemicals.has nothing to do with the pipes or anything like that.

I found a website were hundreds or people are complaining about this toxic smell.I am taking the dw back to the seller.

Chandler, Arizona, United States #1205272

Replace it with a different brand!!

I too bought a Stinky Bosch dishwasher, I am not in the process of replacing a dishwasher that works to clean the dishes, but stinks within one hour of cleaning them, NEVER again will I waste my money on Bosch! Smells like rotting food mixed with water from day one, wish I had returned it, what a waste of $700.00. Going back to Maytag!!

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada #1200013

Also have a Bosch dishwasher that smells badly.Bosch contractor changed the hose while replacing the power cord (recall due to fire concerns).

Still have the smell issues despite cleaning filters and door seals. Very quiet unit but it smells. Never will buy a Bosch product again. Obviously not a one off issue.

Someone should bring a class action :).Better chance of certification in the US than Canada

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