I've done everything I know of to eliminate the odor in our Bosch dishwasher - to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to eliminate odors in this thing?

I have made sure the drain is looped higher than bottom of the sink. A trap is in the drain. It's not a sewer odor emitting from the unit but a sour odor similar to standing water. It's as if the drain doesn't completely empty and the standing water is developing the odor.

I have added vinegar to the unit - pretty much everything except dynamite.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I think I solved the problem!!!! I bought my new Bosch washer a few months ago and was going crazy with that smell that never left -- even after a completed cycle.

I read a lot of reviews, commentaries and complaints about this -- and tried several of the offered solutions. None of them worked.I then remembered that my new front-loading clothes washing machine had a similar problem (moldy smell) and that I had solved it by always leaving the washer slightly open after I finished a load. It was the remaining moisture that was causing that smell.So I tried the same approach on the dishwasher -- and IT WORKED! No matter what (unless it's during a cycle) I leave the door of the washer open a crack, and the accumulated moisture dries out and then the SMELL IS GONE!

I do this inbetween cycles and although some might not like the "aesthetic" nature of this fix -- I prefer it to having that awful smell.

The door doesn't have to be wide open -- just a couple of inches.TRY IT!!! Would love to know if it worked for you.


I wish wish WISH I hadn know to research the problem of such a stinky, foul-smelling dishwasher. We owned a Fisher and Paykel two drawer dishwasher for 16 years and never once did it stink, nor did I have to dry soaking sopping wet dishes when it finished the cycle.

I have read all the suggestions here, which I will surely try, but after spending over 800 dollars on this machine, I cannot believe I should have to dry out the dishwasher when it's finished running, let alone the soaking wet dishes, nor run it empty with bleach or vinegar every other cycle, or leave the door open all the time.

I am livid that I spent my hard earned money on this "top of the line" product. We should all probably be researching "how to start a class action law suit!"


We have had our Bosch dishwasher for almost four years and it always had a bad smell when I opened the door to load or unload. I have found that after a dishwashing cycle is complete, I remove the filter and the lower rack then sop up the water that remains at the bottom of the hole where the filter fits.

I usually leave the door open for several hours and let the dishwasher completely dry out.

I also dry the filter and leave it sit out for a few hours before placing back in the dishwasher. This has helped tremendously in getting rid of the smell which, to me, smelled like stale, dirty water.


We have had the same issue since the day we bought it and would NEVER own another Bosch. We have tried everything that we can think of and that people have recommended on the internet.

Still smells like the sewer.

Ours will be out on the street this week and a new one delivered. NOT BOSCH!


We bought a high end Bosch earlier this month and noticed an unfamiliar smell, not rank, but unfamiliar. Read through user's manual and then all comments posted on this thread.

Believe drying any water from inside the door after loading and after washing before closing the door eliminates any water collecting at the Btm. Also, leaving the door cracked for a short time after unloading and wiping any water from inside door works. These stainless steel units are so airtight and well insulated that moisture can build and sour, if not drained or wiped properly. I've always rinsed dishes before loading and still do, as I don't run it more than 2 or 3 times a week.

I have only used Auto setting, and notice someone mentioned that seemed to eliminate odors. I love this Bosch and hope it doesn't develop problem odors as mentioned in these posts!


I have owned a Bosch dishwasher for years. I love how it cleans my dishes, but that fishy odor left on the dishes and glasses was driving me crazy.

I have always used Finish products because that is what Bosch recommends, but I decided to try Cascade, and it worked. I used Cascade Platinum Action Pacs with Clorox and Cascade Platinum Rinse Aid, and the smell has been gone for weeks. I don't know why it took me so long to try a different product.

I thought it was the dishwasher, but I think it's the Finish products. Try it and see if it helps.

to Kim #1488812

I've also used Cascade Total Clean packets. Have you noticed the smell coming back?


I want to open a freshly run dishwasher and have it smell clean. I had a Maytag for 20 years never had this problem.

You open this and it smells like nasty metal. I dont get it.

spent a fortune on the darn thing. Suggestions?


We have the same problem. We had out old dishwasher for almost 20 years without any odor and when we redid our kitchen we got the Bosch and had a chemical smell to start and now I long for that smell as I have to hold my breath when loading.

After running it, the smell isn't too bad but it gets worse and that's even with prewashing all the food out. I deperately am seeking advice on this too.

None of the reviews I read at the time talked about the smell. I have since found googling BOSCH SMELL brings a ton of feedback.


I have no answer - but I have the same issue. I don’t think it has anything to do with the drain hose, food particles in the trap, bacteria build up or anything else like that.

To me it smells like hot tar or asphalt. Therefore, I believe there is a tar like component being used by the manufacturer, probably in the insulating material that allows it to run so quietly. When the dishwasher heats up for its final rinse - the insulating material off gases. Why else would this odor have started the first time the machine cycled?

I am convinced Bosch knows exactly what the odor is and they are keeping quiet about it. Fortunately, over a period of one year and almost daily use the odor has gone from “I think I’m going to puke” to barely noticeable.

That’s my two cents. Shame on Bosch for not admitting there is a problem and acting responsible.


I had the odor in my Bosch. So I washed the dishes several times but made sure I opened it up to vent as soon as the cycle ended.

After about 4 cycles the odor disappeared. Since then I can leave closed until I get a chance to empty it.


Let me know when you find a solution. This Bosch STINKS!!!


I HAD the same problem. Finally figured it out.

You need to let it dry out. Yes, my dishwasher is open 24 hrs a day. I only close it when company comes. I HATE IT!!

I HATE BOSH!! When it's dry it doesn't smell. So, wash your dishes and just keep the door open/cracked.

Now if I could get my dishes DRY after a wash. I end up having to wipe all my dishes because everything is still wet.


I am waiting to leave my second house. If I do not open the dishwasher before I leave, I will come back to mildew on dishes. Disgusting


I know you tried vinegar, but how much? I would add a lot of it after a cycle ends and let it sit that way for a day....maybe 1/2 to full gallon. Can I ask what model you have?


I have a three year old Bosch and I hate it! The stench is horrible!

I use double the amount of detergent every single time and it helps a lot, but far from fixes it. If I use the recommended amount of detergent it is really bad.

I have run bleach and vinegar through it to no avail. I’m currently dishwasher shopping, I give up.


Hi the new bosch dishwashers are fitted with a plastic base inside instead of stainless steel. This will smell revolting and tint your washed dishes for about 6 months based on one use a day. It will then dissappear.


Unfortunately I have same problem and the only solution is to remove and replace with a new dishwasher that does not have a Bosch name tag. I build homes and will never recommend a Bosch apliance ever again. No help from Bosch biggest POS company.


Just got my Bosh and I have the same problem. It smells awful.

I’ll be going to Lowe’s ( I had them install it) and having them fix this or take it away! I can’t stand it anymore!


I have the same issue with mine since day one, really not a good thing.

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