I bought a Bosch Silence Plus 48dBA diswasher for the lower noise level. It is quiet.

However, the interior design is poor. They were so anxious to boast that the dishwasher could hold 12 complete place settings that they designed it just to hold plates - not everyday pots and pans. The slots for inserting plates are so close together and slanted that you can't set anything but plates in them. I straightened all the little pegs to be straight up and down, but now the plates lean forward.

I used to just run the machine a couple times a week for just the two of us. Now I have to run it every night because I can't fit anything in it.

Energy efficient? I think not!

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we have silenceplus 50 dba at the place i work. total piece of sh*t.

Emigrant, Montana, United States #1281441

I have a 50 and have loved it. Moved it from Oregon to Montana 3 years ago.

Now I see residue on the glasses, etc.

Now it won't go past 3 minutes of running, then says clean and shuts off.

I put EVERYTHING in mine, pots, pans, Tupperware, Corning Ware, Corell Ware, silverware. I hand wash my good silverware.

Garland, Texas, United States #1273404

Have to agree that Bosch does not make good dishwashers. High prices, yes, quiet, yes, cleaning - NO.

My Bosch Silence Plus 46dba actually makes the dishes DIRTIER. No joke - they come out with residue inside and out. Not to mention, the food particles are still on the plate.

I've spent a fair amount of my waking hours recently cleaning the water-delivery spinners and it makes no diff. I'll never understand how dishes can come out of a dishwasher dirtier than they went in.

to Anonymous #1423026

I agree mine is total piece of crab they simply won't clean and I don't have the time to re wash the dishes every Damn night i am a single mom and It cost a lot and I am ready to ditch it ....so upset.

Lake Villa, Illinois, United States #1261929

I am also disappointed! We changed our old Whirlpool that run great for this.

Never clean dishes on the top rack!! We had a warranty for a year and I called three times once to change the dispenser that didn't open properly. It was OK for a while, warranty run out, and now we are stuck! I have to wash the top rack by hand almost every time.

The cereal bit get spray all over!!!

I hate this machine!

Kennewick, Washington, United States #1196438

Bought the 50DBA. It is quieter than our old one and does clean the dishes.

The racks are only good for plates with the 1/2 inch spacing. No bowls will fit. Even a problem with glasses and cups. The shelf above the cup place only is good for nothing.

We do not have stem wear.

It does not have a quick cycle just for rinsing. Because the racks are designed poorly, we have to run it more often.

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #1189630

I bought a Bosch Silence Plus 50 dBA and have had it for over a year now. It's terrible!

After every cycle there's always a film over all the dishes and glasses and they have to be washed again by hand. I am also pretty sure it came with roaches because I have been seeing them in the dishwasher since I had it. There were no roaches before the purchase.

Awful. Stay away.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1275678

I have been having a roach problem in mine as well! I keep seeing little roaches inside the machine!

I'm horrified. I have never had a roach problem in my life. I te daily cleaning measures to prevent roaches and I even have a contracted exterminator who sprays the house for maintenance 3-4 time a year. I tried everything.

I bleached the kitchen from head to toe, sprayed and left out bait and they still are not 100% gone. Any advice?

Alpine, California, United States #965119

The silverware slots are so small can't fit much in. The shelves come off track easily.

Frustrating. Dishwasher

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #958699

I agree that the interior design is poor. I also find that the machine (even though the cycles are much longer than my previous dishwasher) does not wash properly.

I am MOST dissapointed!

Will be selling it soon, and get a decent one. An expensive lesson


Totally agree with above poster. Very poor interior design. Nice, quiet machine, but that's about the only plus.

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #715141

completely agree with you. although i have the Silence Plus 50.

For once, i spent extra money on a dishwasher and now regret it. I understand everyone's point about pots and pans. But its more than that. A dishwasher should be able to hold more than dishes and glasses.

even smaller glass or metal pans, small corningware, larger bowls... various items that you use everyday just don't fit. Yes, everything is too narrow. I've had many dishwashers in my life and have never had this problem.

My own fault i guess for not paying closer attention. But would not recommend this washer to anyone.

Very poor design.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #616519

I put pots in mine occasionally, including on the top rack and they come clean. I do not put my non-stick pans in because while they are supposed to be dishwasher safe, they eventually lose their finish. You just have to be creative in your stacking.

My only complaint is the *** clean alarm is so loud that it wakes me up when I run it at night. Why do I need an alarm that tell me that it is finished? I can see the red light on the floor if it is still running.

What *** man came up with the idea to design a dishwasher that is practically silent with a loud alarm that doesn't stop going off until you get up and open the door??????? :(


The bosh dishwashers are the best brand you can get. :roll They are ment to wash dishes not pots.

to Kyle Davis #606376

They DO advertise on their website that pots and pans are supposed to come out clean in their dishwashers.


yea i got one of these as i ahve all bosh appliances and it sucks.




Your best bet is to not wash pots and pans in a dishwasher. Do them by hand and put the rest in the dishwasher. Defeating the purpose, I know, but they are all the same bad design or similar.

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