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Bosch : TKN68E75UC Benvenuto Built-In Coffee System with Variable Brewing System

Pros: it looks nice, it is good for brewing tea water is hot

Cons: unresponsive service; not supportive of customer, inability to repair machine, seller must have certified trained repair person, inconsistent amount of water, selected cup size irrelevant, selected brewing strength irrelevant; weak coffee

I have had trouble with the machine since the 1st year it was purchased. I bought this from a local VT dealer. For the first couple of weeks the coffee was great - strong as we like it. But then, quality completely changed and I had trouble with the brewing of the coffee thereafter. My local dealer wasn't "trained by Bosch" to service it and it took me from 2008 to 2011 to get a qualified service person to look at the machine. Bosch Customer Service sent new parts ahead for service and when they were replaced there was NO improvement. The serviceman deemed the coffee 'good', but admitted he didn't like or drink coffee! When I said that it seemed that the water wasn't remaining on the pod long enough he didn't know anything about it or the brewing process.

My son has a different built-in coffee maker, a Miele, which is very good, and when mine was new, the coffee from it was comparable to his. But it didn't remain good and there is nothing we can do to improve it. We've tried all kinds of beans to no avail.We have filtered water, apart from the Bosch filter.

Repeated calls to Bosch have told me that there is nothing further that they can do. I feel that a replacement is due to us at the very least...for an expensive coffee machine. My $9.99 coffee maker does a better job. The machine currently isn't working - it shows "Error 8". I have called Bosch customer service 5 times over the past 3 days, being on hold for up to 29 minutes. Customer service offered 4 phone #s in VT for repair, none of which service the machine; they cannot tell me what the error code means. I asked if I could send it back to the factory for repair, was told no, it would just sit on the shelf. IT cost $2000. and it can't be repaired, and they won't replace. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Small Claims Court.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #705610

I'm starting to get really frustrated with Bosch. I own a Benvenuto B30 coffee maker who worked fine for a couple of years.

Now, I got error 8, and I just found out that the only company who repair the machine is Turnpike in NY. The problem is that I'm in California and shipping is around $250 one way and you have to send it without knowing how much the repair will cost.

I was thinking to myself that they can ask any price, since they are the only ones. Right?So it would cost me around $500 just for shipping plus the repair, God knows how much.

Ripp off from both companies, Bosch and Turnpike....

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