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This dishwasher's regular cycle is about two hours long (114 minutes). There is no drying feature at all.

Supposedly the heat from the cycle dries the dishes, but days later, when the dishwasher has remained closed most of the time, some dishes will still be wet. The long cycle with no drying feature causes pitting and rust on high end stainless steel, even when precautions are taken using non-citrus detergents. Glassware is also badly spotted if not removed immediately and polished dry. Polishing and drying flatware, anything metal, and all glassware immediately upon completion of the cycle is time-consuming and not my idea of using a dishwasher.

There is a short cycle which is about 30 minutes. The good part is that it is fast. The bad part is that it does not always get the dishes clean, and it as all of the poor drying problems of the regular cycle, including taking days to dry, unless the dishwasher remains propped open after its cycle. Then the drying time only takes several hours and any glass and metal will still need to be polished dry while still warm and wet.

The cancel and reset feature does not work at all. Even if the breaker is turned off at the electrical panel, the dishwasher will not reset. If the regular cycle was used the last time and the 'ON' button is accidentally hit, there is no way to cancel that action and reset the dishwasher to the shorter cycle. It has to run completely through the two hour cycle before it can be reset.

The worst thing about this dishwasher is that it will likely last a long time, but I do not think I will wait for it to live out its natural life. Bosch is not what it once was and I will likely celebrate when I take this handsome shiny Bosch to the dump and replace it with something that works, does not require babysitting, and will not ruin my valuable metalware and glassware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bosch Dishwasher.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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