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Here is our very lengthy ordeal with Bosch: On July 30, 2014 I bought appliances for the entire kitchen which also included two Bosch dishwashers which cost us $1,150 each + New York tax (it came out about to $1,300 for each dishwasher). In September 2014, after completing most renovations, my family moved into our new place and shortly thereafter discovered that BOTH Bosch dishwashers malfunction.

Sometime in October 2014 first complaint was placed to Bosch and first service was requested. One Bosch dishwasher turned out to have malfunctioning soap dispenser which was fixed in a matter of a few of weeks. Another kept going off at different times of a washing cycle and “freezing” on pre-selected cycle so that the cycle could not be changed. Bosch customer service advised to restart the dishwasher.

It did help for a few washes but then the problem persisted. Also, water would not drain from this dishwasher. We called Bosch again and again and were advised again and again to restart the dishwasher. At all times I was requesting their company to fix the product.

Yet, it took them months(!!!!) to finally send their technician to us. Technician simply restarted the machine and did not find any reasons for the malfunction during his short visit. He obviously did not stay at our place after the restart and throughout 2 h 30 min washing cycle to see how the interruption occurs. Hence, the problem persisted.

While going back and forth with Bosch and constantly restarting the dishwasher and requesting their service, the warranty expired. The dishwasher was never fixed despite numerous complaints to Bosch. My family resorted to using the other dishwasher where the soap dispenser was fixed while defective dishwasher basically turned into unused furniture piece. Time to time I would call Bosch again and again and complain about the non-functioning dishwasher, listed to their *** about restarting it, saying it does not help and them patiently waiting for them to call me back.

Months went by. Another technician they sent cleaned the filter for us (even though there was nothing to clean after very few uses), did not find how to fix the problem and left. Months went by again. At last, at the end of 2016 we demanded (again!) that Bosch fixes its product at last.

Bosch representative offered free diagnostic due to the history of complaints. On January 3, 2017 Bosch technician showed up at our house and asked for the prepayment for the diagnostic. I explained to him that diagnostic and service for the persisting issue was offered to us for free. Technician refused to do anything and also said that wrong serial number was provided to him on his work order.

Here, Bosch only asked for the model number to be provided to them not a serial number when scheduling an appointment. Perhaps the person in charge of the paper work wrote in the number from our other Bosch, we do not know. What we do know is that Bosch technician provided no service at all. Therefore, we were simply astonished when we found an invoice of $173 billing us for the service which technician refused to perform.

Therefore, not only Bosch sold malfunctioning product to us for about $1,300 and fraudulently delayed fixing the product until the warranty has expired but also sent us a technician which refused to do his job due to expired warranty yet left us with $173 invoice despite his failure to service the unit. After a few days of numerous e-mails and talks with Bosch customer service, I received and apology and they offered to service the unit for free given long history of complains ever since the product was first used. It took weeks for their technician to come over. He finally came in on January 19th, 2017.

He restarted the machine (which was done over 100 times by now). He then checked the filter which was clean since the machine is unused. He then performed a 9-minute rinsing cycle for a couple of times and the machine performed it well. I suggested that the technician stays over for a complete washing cycle, at least the 50-minute express one, but he declined saying that he has other appointments.

He told me to try it in the evening and see if it works. I knew the machine will not work, obviously. Yet, I could not hold the technician any longer since he was of no help anyway. So, expecting the usual malfunction, I tried to use machine on the evening of the 19th.

I started the shortest cycle, 50-minute express, and the machine stopped 3 times during this cycle! At all three times it was not giving any kind of error messages. The machine and the display were both dead and blank. THIS IS PRECISELY THE PROBLEM WHICH I HAVE BEEN REPORTING EVER SINCE THE FIRST USE OF THE MACHINE.

On the morning of January 20th, I e-mail Bosch and also followed up with the phone call demanding either replacement for new and working unit or my money back. It took them almost a week to respond informing me of their denial. I requested to speak with the supervisor and they said "supervisor is not available. we'll take a message for her to call you back within 2-3 days".

Does it really take 2-3 days to return a phone call?! No. And this is precisely what Bosch is doing to its customers: they are dragging the issues and dragging and dragging and dragging them at first until the warranty expires, then they send their technician and try to charge their customers for the repairs of problems which were reported shortly after the first use, then they cannot even find what the issue is (in our case it might have always been electronics, I am afraid) and then they just say "technician reported the machine performed as designed and therefore we are denying your request for the replacement". However, I did not buy the machine to perform 9-minute rinsing cycle only.

I bought it to actually wash my dishes! Here, given machine stopped 3 times during its shortest, 50-minute, washing cycle, can you imagine how many times it stops during regular 2 h 30 min cycle?! Someone has to stand next to it and constantly restart it every 10-15 minutes. And at times it freezes completely so that we cannot restart it even and had to empty the machine and wash the dishes by hands on many occasions This is why we stopped using this unit long ago and resorted to two other units we purchased on the same day from Bosch/Thermodor which turned out to be the same company.

I have never, never ever, experienced such terrible and clearly defrauding treatment. Let along, I never expected such from Bosch and Thermodor, a company at which we spent close to $20,000 for their products a couple of years ago. This is not just a mistreatment on their part. This is a slap in a face.

Frankly, I do not know how this company operates still while using such horrendous customer support and defrauding tactics.

P.S. : Machine’s model # SHX7PT55UC/04.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dishwasher Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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