Bosch is no help at all! Bosch needs to learn about their products; improve their diagnostics training for certified repairmen, make Bosch technicians available to repairmen; eliminate long holds on their customer service phone lines or lose customers for good!

After only four years of reliable hot water from our Aqua Star tankless water heater, things went ICE COLD!

In October of 2007, some days we got hot water, but most days we didn't. The closest repairman was over 60 miles away. When he arrived, he struggled to find the right diagnosis for our unit. We ordered one part which did not fix the problem. The second guess seemed to get our unit supplying hot water once again.

"Bosch certified" repairman are assured of professional help from Bosch when they need it. While the repairman was on hold for 40 – 60 minutes @ Bosch's "help line", our bill just went higher! Even with their help, the proper diagnosis seems to be a guessing game. Bosch has no problem spending our money. Where's all that money I was told I would save by buying a tankless water heater?

In August of 2009, once again, we were not getting hot water. About twice a week we went into our attic and would successfully reset the unit (per the manual) for hot water.

By September 2009, we tired from this month-long routine, and called the only plumber listed for our area on the Bosch website. The repairman successfully reset the unit, but found nothing otherwise wrong with it. He performed a routine cleaning of the unit & left a bill for $183. The problem was temporarily fixed.

In mid-October, we were again climbing into our attic to reset the unit, but now it was needed about 4 - 5 times a week. What good was another service call? We knew what to do – reset it & deal with it! Finally, on January 3rd, 2010, ALL HOT WATER CEASED and no amount of tinkering in the attic helped.

On January 5th, 2010, we ordered another service call by the "Bosch certified" repairman. At first successful with the "reset method", I asked for multiple resets to assure our water heater was actually fixed. His luck dried up & he could not get hot water. After long holds on the Bosch "help" line, our repairman told us to order a specific part from Bosch. That service bill was for $267! So far, I've spent $450 (and close to 5 hours on hold with Bosch's "Customer Service Dept" this past week) & still have NO HOT WATER! Once the part from Bosch arrives, the repairman will return to install the part on our unit & charge me more money. Maybe we'll get lucky & actually get hot water too! Here's hoping!!!

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i am having the same problem as the customer on 22 1 2010

heater does not supply hot water, am tried of taking cold showers, its in the trash tomorrow, going out to buy something else. maybe a tank hot water heater, the ones that work everyday.


I bought a Bosch Electric Hot Water heater (Powerstar model # 45-550301) 4 years ago. Less than a year later the water heater did not heat water.

I called Bosch and they made me prepay 250.00 to send out a new one and would get that back after the old one was returned. They did as promised as well as refunding the ridiculous fee the plumber charged to install the second unit. 3 years later the hot water heater has mal functioned AGAIN. I have been calling for three days and left numerous messages and entered my number for call back at least 30 times.

I can only get a live person to pick up on their sales line, of course, they want to sell more products, but refuse to answer the calls of customers with broken equipment. We have two small children and are heating water for a bath on the stove, but Bosch continues to sell and make money, ignoring the people who have already added to their riches. Do not buy anything from this company, they will not honor the warranty nor even asnwer your calls for help. I spoke with 6 sales reps, 3 of which hung up on me, and the other three claiming no way of gaining a supervisor on the line or directing us to anyone that can help, one even went as far as to say that I should send them and email or letter from my lawyer threatening to sue them.

Buyer Beware, endless hot water from Bosch is cold in the end!


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