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Don't buy Bosch Nexxt Premium dryer. It doesn't tumble correctly, so my sheets don't get dry.

And, the BOSCH technician actually told me to wash my fitted and flat sheet separately....two separate cycles. So I bought an efficient washer and dryer that was supposed to save on energy, and now the company-BOSCH itself--is telling me to run it for two cycles instead of one...all because it is designed with flaws! I think this is unbelievable! I don't know how their appliances get good energy efficient ratings.

No thanks!

I'll take my Maytag Neptune over Bosch anyday!

Monetary Loss: $999.

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My wife has a Bosch Premium dryer that had drying problems. The lint filter would get cleaned but the machine still did not operate correctly, as you explained above.

Her machine was made in 2005 and the lint screen, the plastic slotted unit in front of the lint filter was the problem. It gets clogged up with hair/lint that never makes it to the filter. I tried a shop vac to vacuum it but the problem was still there. Get a pistol cleaning kit for a 22 cal gun.

Pull the lint filter out & then take the pistol rod and insert it from the drum side into each slot and pull out the tons of lint. Pull the lint off the rod when done and take a flame to burn the rest off as the rod is a brass brush with small wires on it.


My sheets never dry evenly and get all tangled up making them wrinkled. But my biggest complaint is the fact that my dryer has cracks starting at the screws on the front.

Now I have a whole by the crew.

When I called Bosch, they said it was only cosmetic problem and the warranty was out. A lot of money for poor drying and an expensive dryer that looks like junk.


I agree I would never buy another Bosch. The washer gets mold and the dryer smells like it is burning. Give me the old MayTag...

The red light panel makes you see blue if you look at have to cover it up...hard to program so is useless and all of this for extra dollars.


yea, ive been through all of them. most could have been solved with a little common sense. anything these people buy will either be unsatisfactory because they want something that doesn't exist, or they are too *** to use it.


:cry :( :x :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :grin ;) 8) :p

i think some people are just chronic *** and moaners. I have read alot of the comments here and few if any hold water, mostly operator error and plain stupidity!!!!

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