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Previously owned a Bosch Dishwasher and loved it. So I went for a Bosch again.

I bought Bosch Integra 300 Series Dishwasher. It's stainless steel inside and out.

In my 45years of marriage I have never had a dishwasher that didn't do a good job on the dishes. The Bosch does a good job too. But for $1,000.00 beginning to end price I would think they could have put a door on it that doesn't need constant attention. And the smell is horrible. Had it now since Christmas and it still stinks. Could have gotten clean dishes for $400.00.

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So glad to read you'all. I just bought a BOESCH dishwasher and smell horribly. I going back to the store ASAP


We had same problem with GE. Replaced anode rod in water heater and took care of problem.


I have one of these stinky bosh dish washers also very disappointed never buy another. had 2 other brands never had this problem. unhappy in tn


Same smell with Hotpoint/Ariston. This is a general problem with diswashers that manutacturers close their eyes


Have had Bosch dish washer for five years.High end model.

A few years ago started noticing a slight rotten egg smell, (sulfur). Could never pin point source. For the last year it has been strong. Can smell it on dishes and flat-ware.

Sometimes it is terrible, often it is mild. Sometimes does not smell. Also, this dishwasher has never gotten dishes super clean if they have any food residue on them. Had five year warranty.

Even specialist they sent out said it was not the dishwasher itself. Tried that magic cleaning stuff and apple cider vinegar and so on. Nothing has worked long-term.

Now I spray the whole unit with bleach and water solution before I load it and that seems to help.I am so frustrated.I checked Consumer Reports before buying this.

Sahuarita, Arizona, United States #900264

My Bosch dishwasher was bought in 2005.I have used it provably 4 tmessince I bought it.

All of a sudden it smells like a dead rat. Purchased the pods that clean ran both through a cycle. It stills smells.

I ground up spne oldspices inmy garbage ddisposal I think the stuff went into the dishwasher line.

Never put spices down the drain.Smells horrible.

Tried baking soda and a gallon if vinigar still no help.

Hello can anyone have a suggestion?Thanks.

Louisiana, United States #874820

Bought a Bosch during sale at first of 2014, it stinks, literally. $800.00 for a dishwasher and now this. never ever buy a BOSCH!


Shame, i was looking at getting a Bosch DW, thank god i saw these reviews and on other sites, guess ill save myself the trouble


Same here.Absolutely despise my brand new Bosch dishwasher which has smelled horribly since day 1.

Tried everything.

I will never buy a Bosch again - horrific fishy odor on dishes with brand new disposal, cleaned machin, right soap, etc.


Very disappointing.I too have smelly high-priced Bosch.

Maybe it is the stainless as someone suggested . I am very sensitive to smells and this is driving me nuts.

The kitchen was redone so it's all new sink, garbage disposal, pipes, hoses.Have tried baking soda and currently trying vinegar.

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