Sutton, Massachusetts
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AE125, by Bosch, I bought one of these things hoping it would not only lower my electric bill, it had a 10 year warranty and gained me some floor space.

After about one year, the unit quit working, turns out they don't work with well water, unless the water is softened, as mineral build up in the unit will clog the heat exchangers. And, mixing valves were clogged repeatedly by the minerals being transported through the hot water lines.

No warning of this in installation manual, not one word, and my water really isn't hard at all, just more calcium than is usual. Also, if anything, my power bill went up. My lights in the house would actually dim when the unit kicked on, it took so many amps to operate.

This thing cost me 600$ and 600$ more for service calls that never rectified the situation.

No help, or Customer concern from Bosch, repeated e-mails, calls, pretty much a 'caveat emptor' situation. Thank you Bosch....Never again...

Monetary Loss: $600.

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