This is my third Tassimo coffee maker in four years. The coffee tastes good and a disc should be convenient but sometimes I need to open several discs of coffee before one actually works to brew coffee - the others are "duds".

This is very expensive and frustrating. Think twice before purchasing a Tassimo brand coffee maker because the product will not last a long time before breaking and it will be expensive to buy the coffee discs, especially when the maker is so unreliable that it requires multiple discs to be wasted every time you want one cup of coffee.

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I think these machines are great -perfet coffee every time, you must be putting the disc in wrong.


I have had a tassimo for 5 years and never had this issue you clearly don't know how to use it.


I have a keurig and they have the same problems. Mine lasted a year.

My sister in law and mother in laws also lasted a year. They are all Chinese junk


Terrible Customer Service!

We ordered a Tassimo on December 25. It arrived on January 6, but it was broken--wouldn't even turn on. We called customer service and were told that they would send a new one to us, along with a shipping label to return the broken one.

Nothing for two weeks. Then I called back. Was told it would take FOUR to SIX WEEKS to receive my machine. What??? They sent me a broken machine and now I have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to replace THEIR broken product.

In light of this info, I told them never mind, just send me a label and I'll send it back for a refund. But nope. They can't do that now that they already requested a machine be sent out in the next month and a half. In the meantime, I get a promotional email from them EVERY morning--"We appreciate You! Buy more of our stuff!" Seriously? Why would I buy MORE pods without a working machine? I don't think so...

Im furious. I've sent two emails and called again today to try to get a better resolution. No dice. And no apology or offer to send me free stuff for my inconvenience. They have my money. I have a broken machine. When I get the new one, it will go back for a refund--I'm not giving them another dime.


Customer service is horrendous. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

They keep charging me for items they do not deliver. They keep canceling my regular deliveries for reasons no one can explain.

AWFUL COMPANY. buy a Keurig.


Have had the Tassimo system for about a year. Finding it difficult to find pods of choice of late.

Tried to order on the TassimoDirect site... ordered 8/18 and it still hasn't shipped as of 8/25??? WTH.

Only ordered online as stores aren't stocking. Is this company going out of business?


The machine is unreliable. I find it brews more onto the countertop than anything.

The water just keeps going after the pod is depleted of coffee. I have to unplug Tassi to stop the cycle. Watered down coffee I can get from a $10 Mr. Coffee.

I'm frustrated today by the machine. When the machine does properly read the barcode Tassimo is awesome. You wont find a fresher Suchard or Starbucks flavor...mixed they are to die for! I hope my issue is only with this one machine.

I am calling @ 10am for replacement. 877-834-7271 for CSR


My original Tassimo had to be returned to the store within a month for exchange.

The 2nd machine now out of warranty that I paid $120. plus tax doesn't work anymore.

The cost for repair is $215.

This Tassimo machine is a joke.

If you want to waste your money buy one of these Tassimo coffee makers.

They only give 1 year warranty. That should tell you how long the machine will last.


Tassimo beverage machines are garbage....Customer Service is awful.....Buy Keurig....


Second Tassimo in just over two years has died. Good coffee but machine is unreliable, doesn't always read disc barcode, may need to open and close several times.

Can't contact Tassimo careline because phone number doesn't work.

I won't buy another


Mine is over a year old brewing more than 4 cups a day, it seem the problem you have as to do with the T-disc barcode which is warp sometimes...just pass your finger over it to straighten it out and Voila!


Original Braun Tassimo - has same issues. Attempting to get some compensation from Tasimo/Kraft but it appears unlikely they'll do anything. Sent for repair, returned to me "PCB - too costly to repair".

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