A major selling point for a condo we bought was the promise of Bosch appliances.The oven , range and microwave are fine.

The dishwasher,#shu33ao5uc/38 is terrible. Silverware comes out badly stained. Dishes come out soaking wet. I regret that we can no longer take "Bosch" USA as a guarantee of quality.

Rubin Saposnik Decatur, Ga P.S. I'll pad this to one-hundred words to satisfy your requirement. However I believe I made my point.

I don't want to rant.We have had several dishwashers before -usually Kenmore-and have never before had a negative experience suvh as we have had with the Bosch.


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Bosch dishwasher control boards fail in year six...of course, immediately after the warranty has expired.This is a scam by Bosch.

Do not go for the "hype" of buying a supposedly high end German product to show off your kitchen.This is the first and last time I will have a Bosch product in my house.


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When I opened my private dinning area.I was looking for a dishwasher that would give me clean sparkling glasses and run quietly.

I have a portable dishwasher in the main kitchen that I paid a fraction for in comparison to the BOSCH.I will never purchase a BOSCH The product and the service are very sub par

Piedras Negras, Coahuila De Zaragoza, Mexico #22468

I completely agree with you.My Bosch dishwasher has been a headache from day one.

They tell me I'm doing one thing or another wrong when I call. We all hand wash our glasses now before using them.

Pathetic.I'd replace it now but I have a matching wood panel....

Florence, Mississippi, United States #17609

where you pour the rinse there is a dial to adjust the rinse aid. (1 - 6) it should be turned up in hard water areas and down in soft water areas.

All dishwashers require rinse aid (so I found out) and the little ball in the middle of the press tab or the detergent pouch with the detergent and rinse aid combined are not enough. I also learned that I get the best results with powder detergent or powder press tabs (broken in half for regular loads /discarding the rinse aid ball) are best.

I also learned to just scrape my dishes not pre-rinse them. The dishwasher and the soap need something to work on; that's why my glasses where coming out cloudy or with white lines on them. They were actually etching from the heat and soap.

I thought I would share my hard learned lesson. I hope that it helps you in the future.

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