Bought a Bosch Washer / Dryer about 9 months ago. Dryer never worked peroperly. Bosch makes you wait for hours on the phone to talk with a care specialist. Often cut you off. It takes weeks to get a technician to come by. They have cancelled 2 appointments after making us clear that day for them come by. Technicians complain that previous technician didn't know what he was doing.

Now dryer not working at all. Will not come to our home for 28 days.

I thought I was working with a class organization. They are very insulting. I regret paying so much for Bosch.

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I have had experience with Bosch Customer Service on many levels, from customer service reps, to claims coordinator, to insurance rep, to technicians, and they are all incompentent and indifferent. And I was polite to all of them. Do not buy Bosch anything.


:zzz You probably came on the phone screaming your head off, You get more further when your actually normal. then irrate.

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